The third largest Cypriot city, Larnaca, a city of 100 thousand, invites you to visit naturally. It is here that the largest airport Larnaca LCA is located, where a large part of the flights go and therefore encourages at least a one-day stop in the city. Larnaca, Cyprus, offers entertainment, lively city life, but also beaches and sights.

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Beaches and swimming

Larnaca's beaches are long straight stretches of light-grey fine hard-packed sand, lined with pedestrian promenades lined with palm trees and hundreds of restaurants or shops. Despite being right in town and close to Cyprus' largest port, the beaches are clean, as is the sea. Access to the water is gradual and you can make use of all the beach facilities.

The nicest and largest Blue Flag beach is to the south of the centre and is bordered by the famous Finikoudes promenade.

Then in southern Larnaca you will come across the very popular Mackenzie beach. A beautiful clean beach about 3km from the centre, it is very spacious, quiet by day with many restaurants and lively at night with several discos open until the early hours.

Mackenzie beach is also popular with aviation enthusiasts as planes land over it to Larnaca airport.

Sights and attractions

As well as hundreds of bars, tavernas, clubs and associated nightlife, Larnaca offers many sights for history buffs. Some of the most interesting ones include:

  • Aquaduct Kamares - a well-preserved Byzantine aqueduct built in 1747 can be found on the western outskirts of Larnaca (see map).
  • St. LazarusChurch - the oldest surviving Orthodox church in Larnaca, built in the 9th century, is also the most important religious monument in the city.
  • LarnacaFortress - the city's two main beaches are separated by the medieval Larnaca Fortress, which probably dates from the 12th century.

Accommodation in Larnaca

Larnaca provides a wide range of accommodation of all kinds, from cheap hostels to expensive luxury hotels. Thanks to the wide range and the great competition, prices here are lower than in well-known beach destinations. Larnaca will be an ideal place for a day stop on your way around Cyprus, but also for longer stays as a starting point for day trips from one place, especially if you are going to travel by bus.

Prices for budget apartments start from as little as 40 eur per night for 2, with classic 3* hotels starting at around 75 eur per night.


Local public transport is provided by the transport company Cyprus Public Transport, which operates on the same principle as all other Cypriot cities. A ticket for 1 non-stop ride costs 2,40 eur, at night 4 eur, all day 7,50 eur.

Single tickets can only be bought with cash from the driver, day tickets can only be bought at the counter at the bus station or airport.

There is also a day ticket for 15 eur for all public bus services in Cyprus, including long-distance buses. The main bus station for public bus lines can be found at this location:

Intercity bus services are easy to navigate. The public services are operated by a single company. InterCity Buses with its green buses. The following routes run from Laranka:

InterCity Buses have no bus station in Larnaca, they all stop at a simple bus stop right on the Finikoudes seafront promenade - map.

For detailed information about buses or car rental, see the chapter Transport in Cyprus.

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