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Are you going on holiday to Cyprus? Find out the best places to stay if you're looking for a quiet seaside holiday, livelier resorts, mountain getaways or perhaps you're just planning a tour of the Cypriot cities.

Where to stay in Cyprus

Choosing the right accommodation is essential for a good holiday.

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Most popular places in Cyprus

Which resorts and towns to head to? Read our tips.

Ayia Napa

Beaches, nature, nightlife

One of the most visited resorts in Cyprus, Ayia Napa is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, a rugged coastline with plenty of cliffs, rocks, coves and caves (Cape Greco National Park). Ayia Napa also offers a wealth of evening and nightlife in the form of many clubs, bars and classic restaurants.

In Ayia Napa you will find a variety of accommodation from budget apartments to golden middle of the road 3* hotels to luxury resorts.


Beaches, town, sights

The capital of western Cyprus and home to one of its two international airports, Paphos will lure travellers to everything you could want from a summer holiday. Beautiful sandy beaches right in and around the city, ancient monuments and city life combined with long-open bars, clubs and restaurants.

Paphos is brimming with accommodation offers of all kinds, from cheap private apartments to luxury resorts.


City, nightlife, beaches

Cyprus' largest city with a major airport, Larnaca is an ideal base for travelling around Cyprus or a stopover before or after a flight. Larnaca is bustling with life long into the night and you can cool off on the city's several beaches. The accommodation on offer here is the richest and also one of the cheapest in the whole of Cyprus.


Town, beaches

Cyprus' second largest city is a great base for exploring the island if you want to stay in one place. In fact, it is located roughly in the middle of the coast. The town is surrounded by nice beaches and the famous White Rocks. There are plenty of hotels and apartments at very reasonable prices.


Beaches, nature

Just a few kilometres from Ayia Napa lies Protaras, with the largest number of accommodation offers per population. Here you can enjoy beautiful smaller beaches in coves, photogenic cliffs and sea caves. Unlike lively Ayia Napa, Protaras is much quieter, but with all the facilities for tourists.

Polis Chrysochous (Latsi)

Beaches, nature, mountains, national park

This small resort in north-west Cyprus is particularly attracted by the beautiful wild coastline of the valuable Akamas National Park and the pretty long beach in the Latsi district. An ideal place for a combination of beach holidays and hiking in a quiet environment away from the main settlement of the island.

Troodos, Kakopetria

Nature, mountains

Cyprus' Troodos Mountains are beautiful, full of green valleys, wide views, plenty of hiking trails and you'll even find a ski resort. Head to one of the pithy villages carved into the mountainsides, the most famous of which include Kakopetria, Pedoulas or Troodos.


Capital, border crossing

One of Europe's most interesting capitals, full of sights, is divided by a border line that separates the Republic of Cyprus from Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), which you can easily enter. Nicosia is definitely worth staying in for at least one night.

Accommodation prices in Cyprus

Cyprus offers hotels and accommodation for all types of travellers. You'll find really cheap hostels in the big cities, lovely family-run guesthouses in the smaller towns, and resorts boast luxurious, expensive resorts.

Prices differ significantly in July and August from the rest of the year. During the holidays, accommodation is tens of percent more expensive and needs to be booked months in advance.

However, Cyprus doesn't suffer as much as Mallorca or Sardinia and even in high season you can find affordable accommodation.

  • Classic 3-star hotels with good ratings cost between 45 EUR and 70 EUR
  • Cheaper guesthouses and guesthouses cost around 35 EUR and 50 EUR
  • All-inclusive resorts right by the beach cost around 125 EUR and 205 EUR

The 10 best hotels in Cyprus

We've put together a selection of the 10 best accommodations in Cyprus, combining guest reviews, affordability and location. The selection is more suitable for discerning travellers who demand quality and comfort from their accommodation.

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