Valle di Lanaittu

Valle di Lanaittu

The Valle di Lanaittu (sometimes spelled Lanaitto) attracts visitors to its beautiful and natural surroundings, with its many karst caves, views of the Supramonte mountains and the archaeological site of the Sardinian nurages, megalithic structures typical of Sardinia.

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Moreover, the valley is out of the way of most tourists, so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Attractions and sights

In the Lanaitto Valley you can enjoy the following attractions:

  • Grotta Corbeddu Cave (admission 5 eur)
  • Grotta di Sa Ohe Cave (entrance fee 5 eur)
  • Nuragy Sa Sedda e Sos Carros a Tiscali. Admission to both sites is 6 eur


The Lanaittu Valley is one of the most beautiful areas for hiking in the whole of Sardinia.

The wide vistas of the valley alternate between the dramatic scenery of mountains and cliffs and the peaceful scenery of Lake Cedrino.

Many hiking trails pass through the valley and its wide surroundings, which are well illustrated, for example, on the website


If you go to Valle di Lanaitto, it is worth staying at least one night. There are several farms and guesthouses right in the valley and you can also stay in the nearby town of Oliena.

Agriturismo Canales, for example, offers excellent accommodation.

Near the valley, in a beautiful inland area away from civilisation, there is also the luxury hotel Su Gologone ****.


The Lanaittu valley can only be reached by car, the turn off the Oliena and Dorgali road is well signposted. No buses go in or near the valley.

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