Cala Luna

Cala Luna

Described by many travellers as the most beautiful beach in Sardinia , Cala Luna also regularly features in the "best" beaches in the world.

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The bay lies in the most remote part of eastern Sardinia in an area of spectacular cliffs, rocks and caves.

Facilities and appearance of the beach

The beach, which is covered in fine white sand and washed by crystal clear sea, is lined with steep limestone cliffs into which interesting caves have been dug to provide welcoming shade. In addition, Cala Luna lies at the mouth of the Ilune River, which forms a small freshwater lake separated from the sea by a strip of sand.

On the beach you'll find kayak and pedalo hire, a small bistro and a larger restaurant on the edge of the Ilune valley.

To the north of the beach, you can walk along a footpath for about 30 minutes to the beautiful Grotta del Bue Marino.

How to get there

Cala Luna is located in an area without roads, so it can only be reached on foot or by boat.

By boat

The easiest way to reach the beach is by boat. Several boat companies sail mainly from the resorts of Cala Gonone (about 1 hour sailing) and Arbatax (about 2 hours sailing). Return ticket prices range between 45 eur and 60 eur. Examples of boat companies:

On foot

Cala Luna beach can also be reached on foot from two locations. Always expect a rocky path leading along the rocks and cliffs, so good shoes and plenty of water are an essential part of the trip!

  • From Cala Fuili beach (route map on, which can be reached by car from the town of Cala Gonone. The drive one way is 5km and takes about an hour and three quarters. It is one of the more challenging ones and is only suitable for hikers with a good physical condition.
  • From the Telettotes car park (route map on, which can be reached by car along a small dirt road. The path from here, through the beautiful valley of the River Ilune, is easier but considerably longer. It is about 9 km one way and takes about 3 hours

Accommodation by the beach

The nearest resorts to stay near Cala Mariolu are Arbatax and Cala Gonone. It is the smaller Cala Gonone that has significantly lower accommodation prices, where even in high season you can get apartments for under 90 eur per night for 2, which is a very good price for Sardinia.

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