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Are you going on holiday to Sardinia? See which locations and cities are the best, cheapest and most practical for accommodation in Sardinia.

Where to stay in Sardinia

The best way to summarise accommodation and its pros and cons is to break down the accommodation options by location. As everywhere in Europe, offers the most available capacity.

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For tips on specific hotels, budget guesthouses or resorts, see also the details of places in the What to see in Sardinia chapter.

As Sardinia is a relatively large island with 3 international airports, we'll break down hotels and accommodation according to which airport they're close to.

Accommodation around Cagliari Airport

If you're looking for cheap flights to Cagliari Airport, choose in particular from these locations in the south of Sardinia.


Ideally, stay in Sardinia's capital and largest city for 1 night on arrival or before departure, or for longer if you plan to explore the island from one location.

There are also nice city beaches and a plethora of accommodation of all kinds, especially guesthouses and private guesthouses. This is one of the reasons why Cagliari is one of the cheapest destinations in Sardinia.

The 10 cheapest hotels in Cagliari


Considered by many to be the most beautiful resort in the south of Sardinia, with the famous beaches of Porto Giunco or Punta Molentis, Cagliari will delight those who love swimming in the beautiful photogenic nature with its rugged coastline. Villasimius boasts the largest number of resorts and large hotels in southern Sardinia, but beachfront accommodation is the most expensive.

You'll also find cheaper apartments or guesthouses in the centre of Villasimius or in the surrounding villages.

Best beachfront hotels in Villasimius


Southwest of Cagliari, you'll enjoy long sandy beaches in a flat rural landscape that gradually turns into a more rugged coastline.

Ideal for a quiet holiday in smaller apartments, Chia or Pula are the resorts with the most accommodation on offer.

The best hotels with sea view - Chia

Piscinas Beach

One of Sardinia's most famous beaches is located about 75 km from Cagliari, and is the place to stay for lovers of natural swimming, solitude and tranquillity.

You won't find any major towns far and wide, only countryside and smaller villages. Look for accommodation in the nearby town of Arbus.

Hotels and accommodation in Arbus


The port town of Arbatax, nearby Tortoli and the resort of Santa Maria Navarrese form one larger holiday location that serves as one of the starting points for boat trips along Sardinia's most beautiful coastline in the Gulf of Orosei.

Accommodation is plentiful, especially in the form of apartments or smaller hotels.

Hotels and accommodation in Arbatax

Sinis Peninsula

The most popular Sardinian beaches with a minimum of tourists in a beautiful natural setting include Is Arutas, Is Arens or Putzu Idu on the Sinis Peninsula. Most accommodation options can be found in the resort of S'Archittu or in the nearby town of Oristano.

Beach hotels in S'Archittu

Costa Rei

Less visited resorts can be found along the long white beaches of the east coast of southern Sardinia, with the Costa Rei being one of the most popular, along which you'll find accommodation mainly in apartments, holiday homes and villas.

The best hotels with sea views in Costa Rei

Gennargentu Mountains

Sardinia's highest mountain range, reaching heights of over 1,800m above sea level, lies about 140km north of Cagliari near the resort of Arbatax. The main centres of accommodation are the towns of Lanusei and Ulassa. However, you can find accommodation throughout the mountain range, but it is important to have a car if you are staying outside the town.

Find hotels in the Gennargentu mountains

Accommodation around Alghero airport

If you're looking for cheap flights to Alghero Airport, choose particularly from these locations in the north or west of the island.


Alghero is one of the most important tourist centres in Sardinia.

The city boasts many monuments, a rich nightlife as well as beautiful beaches, caves and a photogenic coastline. A full week's holiday can be spent in and around Alghero alone.

The 10 cheapest hotels in Alghero


The picturesque town of Bosa, with its narrow, colourful houses, castle and pretty beaches, is the perfect place to stop for a few days on your way around Sardinia, but a welcome mainstay if you're looking to save money.

In fact, accommodation in Bose is some of the cheapest in the whole of Sardinia, and even in high season you can find accommodation here under 75 eur per night for 2.

10 cheapest hotels - Bosa

Porto Torres and Stintino

The port town of Porto Torres, north of Alghero, is one of the cheapest resorts in Sardinia after Bose. Here, too, you can find simpler apartments for under 75 eur per night for 2 even in the peak summer season.

The long, flat beaches will delight less discerning travellers and families with children. Porto Torres, together with the nearby town of Stintino, are also starting points for trips to the Asinara Islands.

The best beachfront hotels

Castelsardo and Badesi

Two resorts close to each other attract visitors with beautiful long sandy beaches and peaceful surroundings with all the necessary facilities.

You can choose accommodation from small family-run guesthouses to more expensive beach resorts, which can be found mainly along the beaches of Badesi.

Hotels and accommodation in Castelsardo


Sardinia's largest inland town is an ideal place for a day stopover when travelling around Sardinia or perhaps before flying home from Alghero Airport, which is a short public bus ride from Sassari.

Accommodation in Sassari is available in traditional hotels and private apartments or guesthouses.

The best hotels in the centre of Sassari

Accommodation around Olbia Airport

If you're looking for cheap flights to Alghero Airport, choose especially from these locations in the north or west of the island.


The place with the widest range of accommodation is the town directly next to which Olbia Airport is located. From here you can also head off in all directions by public transport and can act as a strategic base for trips into the surrounding area.

The beaches in close proximity to Olbia are suitable for shorter afternoon swims, but within a 30-minute bus ride you can reach some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe...

Find a hotel in Olbia in advance

Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast)

The resorts and beaches along the world-famous Emerald Coast are among the most beautiful in Europe. They're also popular with the world's celebrities, resulting in high accommodation prices that rank among the most expensive in all of Italy.

But if you want to enjoy a stay on beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean or the Seychelles, you won't regret the money. The main centres on the Costa Smeralda are the resorts of Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo or Cannigione.

The most luxurious Costa Smeralda accommodation

La Maddalena and Palau

The archipelago of La Maddalena, along with the resort of Palau in Sardinia, are among the most popular destinations.

Beautiful small beaches in photogenic coves, lively small towns with typical Italian streets and a selection of great hotels, resorts and apartments make this area a first class holiday location.

Top accommodation in La Maddalena

San Teodoro

Another premium location with top beaches is San Teodoro, just south of Olbia. The local beaches of Cala Brandinchi and La Cinta are among the most beautiful in Europe, and are reminiscent of beaches in Southeast Asia for their turquoise waters and surroundings.

Beachfront accommodation is expensive, and a night for 2 here won't get you cheaper than 130 eur.

Hotels and accommodation in San Teodoro

Cala Gonone (Golfo di Orosei)

Most of the preview photos in Sardinia travel catalogues come from Orosei Bay, where steep limestone cliffs hide secluded beaches that are among the most famous in the world (Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna or Cala Goloritze).

While from the south of Cagliari the area is accessible via Arbatax, from the north of Olbia or Alghero it is accessible via the resort of Cala Gonone, which acts as a hub for excursions along the coast and into the nearby mountains.

Hotels with the best views of the Golfo Orosei

La Caletta

The lesser-known resort of La Caletta boasts two symmetrical beaches of fine sand that stretch from the town centre to both north and south.

La Caletta is a pleasant resort that's not nearly as crowded as the better-known spots closer to Olbia and the Emerald Coast.

Hotels and accommodation in La Caletta

Nuoro and Dorgali

Are you tempted by trips to the mountains, small mountain towns or the karst caves and sights of the Lannaitta Valley?

If you don't need to live by the sea, then head to Nuoro, the largest city in central Sardinia, for the widest range of accommodation. A second starting point for trips into the inland mountains is the smaller village of Dorgali.

The 10 cheapest hotels in Nuoro

Accommodation prices in Sardinia

Sardinia really isn't one of the cheapest places to spend a holiday. Fortunately, the rich man's paradise that welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year will satisfy travellers on a budget, but it's true that you'll have to look harder. Of course, the simple equation applies here too, the closer you are to the sea or the city centre, the more you'll be slapping yourself in the pocket.

You can get a bed in a hostel from 30 eur. You can get a room in a lower category hotel from 80 eur.

Expect big price differences between high and low season, and especially during August, when Italians go on holiday in droves, finding decent accommodation at a decent price is a big ask.

Prices for resorts and better beachfront hotels soar to average 120 eur to 250 eur per night in the summer season.

If you are looking for beachfront accommodation in Sardinia, book as far in advance as possible, preferably 5-7 months before your trip.

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