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Sardinia has a Mediterranean subtropical climate. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are wet and mild. Temperatures often reach the tropical 30s in summer and rarely drop below freezing in winter. The island boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, which will be especially appreciated by those of you heading to Sardinia to see the sea. The average sea temperature in summer is around 25°C.

Although Sardinia is a relatively large island, the weather is similar in the north and south. The west coast and the mountainous areas in the middle of Sardinia are windier.

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Weather and temperatures throughout the year

Here's what the weather in Sardinia looks like during each month of the year

Weather in January

January in Sardinia is the perfect month for exploring towns and villages or for road-trips across the island. Temperatures normally hover around 14°C during the day. Snow can lie on the highest parts of the mountains and January is the month with the best chance of the only ski resort , Bruncu Spina, being open.

Rain showers occur on average 7 days a month, but they are not usually long-lasting.

Weather in February

February is one of the rainiest months in Sardinia, especially in the north of the island.

Even so, there's no need to worry about getting around the towns and sights, as it rains on average only 8 days a month, and most of these are short showers. Temperatures in February average around 15°C.

Weather in March

The last month of winter is still ideal for exploring Sardinia completely free of tourists, driving around the towns and cities and enjoying the authentic atmosphere.

March can be uncomfortably windy on the coast, but temperatures are already rising to an average of around 17°C, with highs often exceeding 20°C. The average number of rainy days is 8 per month, and rain is relatively frequent, but only in short showers.

Weather in April

April weather is the last month when relatively frequent (but short) rain showers occur. Temperatures normally rise to 19 °C and often go over 25 °C.

But it's certainly not time for a dip in the sea just yet, so April is ideal for city trips, sightseeing and hiking, for which the weather will be ideal - neither hot nor cold.

Weather in May

The last month of pure spring is perfect for hiking and cycling in Sardinia. Average temperatures hover around 24°C with highs of 30°C.

There is sporadic rain in the form of short showers, but it is still too cold to swim in the sea and the sea in particular is far from warming up to levels that would suit most travellers.

The weather in June

The first month of summer is the start of the low season in Sardinia and towards the end of the month it is already turning into the high season. Average temperatures climb to 28°C, but commonly exceed 30°C during the day.

The sea water, especially in the shallower areas, is already starting to get pleasantly warm and summer swimming holidays are in full swing. Rain is rather exceptional, with only very light showers on average 3-4 days per month.

Weather in July

July in Sardinia is typically a summer month when the season is in full swing. Temperatures average 31°C along the coast, but usually hit 40°C for at least a few days a month.

Rain is rare and the sky is cloudless throughout July.

Weather in August

August is the hottest month in Sardinia and the month with the absolute highest number of tourists. Normal daytime temperatures average 32°C, with a few days that can reach over 40°C.

August is also the hottest month for the sea, which in the shallower bays can be uncomfortably warm to similar levels to the air. Rain and cloudy skies are very rare in August.

Weather in September

Throughout September, the weather in Sardinia is typically summery, with much more pleasant temperatures than during the holidays. They rise to an average of 28°C with less chance of extreme heat.

The sea water temperature is beautifully summery and you'll be able to swim at all the beaches with ease.

Although it rains about 4 times more often in September than in August, these are only very light, short showers and will not disrupt your holiday.

Weather in October

Even during October you can enjoy a classic summer holiday in Sardinia. Average daily temperatures are between 22 and 24 °C, but often reach 30 °C.

The sea is still pleasantly warm from the summer, especially in the shallow bays of northern Sardinia. Rain showers are short and disrupt an average of only 5 days a month.

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Weather in November

In November, only hardy individuals will go swimming in Sardinia. Normal daytime temperatures soar to 19°C, but evenings tend to be windy and cold.

It rains on average 7 days a month, mostly in light showers. This makes November a good month for hiking and urban travel.

Weather in December

December is the rainiest month in Sardinia, when it rains about twice as often as in the country. Generally, however, it is more about showers and long-lasting rains are rare. Temperatures drop to around 15 °C.

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Sardinia - The weather is practically the same regionally

15 °C
14 °C
15 °C
14 °C
17 °C
14 °C
18 °C
15 °C
23 °C
17 °C
28 °C
21 °C
31 °C
25 °C
31 °C
26 °C
27 °C
24 °C
22 °C
21 °C
18 °C
18 °C
15 °C
15 °C

Mikor kell költözni Szardínia

When is the best weather and lowest prices in Sardinia?

What are the best months to visit?

Sardinia is a year-round destination and each season offers great conditions for different activities.

Summer holidays (July-August)

The island experiences its biggest influx of tourists during the summer holidays, when crowds flock to the seaside resorts to enjoy the hot days.

During August, the beaches are packed with hundreds of Italians who come here for a mostly month-long holiday. August therefore sees the highest accommodation prices of the year (up to 15-20% higher than in July).

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Spring and autumn

If you want to avoid the biggest crowds, we recommend heading to Sardinia from April to June or mid-September to October.

The low season offers changeable weather and cooler seas, but unlike the high season, it's great for hiking and cycling.

From April onwards, the temperature slowly starts to rise, reaching the pleasant 20s. By mid-September, on the other hand, the island's sultry days cease and the temperature drops to a pleasant 26°C.


It's not really worth going to Sardinia in the low season. The days are short and cold, just like here, and many places are closed (including some hotels). Most tourists head here for the Carnival, which is celebrated in several places on the island.

From November until March the temperature does not exceed 20 °C and it is very rainy indeed. The rainiest months are November, December and February.

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