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Find out whether you'll need an adaptor for a power socket when you travel to Hong Kong, or how widely available internet and mobile signal is.

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Electricity and power sockets

Hong Kong's electricity grid operates at 50 Hz and with a terminal voltage of 220 V.

Due to its specific links to the UK, there are British-style sockets which are different to the rest of Asia.

Sockets and plugs used in Hong Kong are 'British', i.e. type G with three rectangular holes. Each socket even has its own switch (usually right next to the socket holes) where you can turn off the electricity supply to it.

Exceptionally, you will also find type D sockets (common in India or Nepal)

  • Sockets - G (sometimes also D)
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • Frequency - 50 Hz


Hong Kong has great wifi coverage. Many open outdoor areas have free public wifi.

Due to the dense development, it is not a problem to come across free wifi in restaurants or fast food joints.

If you want to stay online constantly, the most convenient option is to buy an e-sim with any mobile data package. Such a service is offered, for example, by Airalo, which we use extensively ourselves.

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