Olbia, the fourth largest city in Sardinia, is a major tourist centre, thanks to the Olbia OLB International Airport outside the city and the beautiful coastline around it, which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

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The city itself is an ideal base for travelling, and there are some interesting sights to admire here too.

Sights and attractions

Although Olbia isn't as packed with attractions compared to Sassari or Alghero, it's well worth a stop here too.

  • TheBasilica of San Simplicio - an important Romanesque church dating back to the 11th century and one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture in Sardinia
  • St Paul's Church - the main Catholic church in Olbia boasts a medieval appearance, but it's not clear exactly what year it's from. It impresses with its bell tower and its dome with a rainbow roof
  • Remains of a Roman aqueduct - several arches of the aqueduct that fed water into the town have been preserved since the turn of the century (map of 2 sites on en.mapy.cz)

Beaches and bathing

It is not possible to swim in the sea directly in Olbia, but the town is an excellent starting point for the most beautiful Sardinian coastline:

Accommodation in Olbia

As a city with an airport and a large harbour, Olbia would be the ideal place to spend a night before exploring Sardinia.

Prices in high season in small guesthouses and guesthouses start at 120 eur per night for 2, with regular hotels selling from 160 eur. Off-season prices are then about half that.

We select for you tips for specific accommodation:

How to get there

Public transport in Olbia is provided by 12 bus routes that run frequently and reliably to all corners of the city. A ticket valid for 90 minutes bought from a newsagent costs 1 eur, from the driver 1,50 eur. A 24-hour ticket costs 2,80 eur.

From Olbia around Sardinia you can then take the train or intercity buses ARST, Sun Lines and Turmo Travel.

For detailed information on travelling by car, bus and train, see the chapter Transport in Sardinia. For timetables to specific cities in the list below, click on the number/name of the line:

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