Is-Arutas beach

Is Arut

On the westernmost coast of the Sinis peninsula, there are several kilometre-long beaches with fine sand and a peaceful environment in nature completely away from civilisation.

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The most popular and best accessible of these is Is Arutas beach, which is bordered by small rocky cliffs and bathed in clear shallow waters suitable for swimming and snorkelling.

Although the nearest village is a few kilometres from the beach, there are two small restaurants and a sunbed and umbrella hire shop.


There are currently no hotels or guesthouses near the beach. If you are coming here by car, look, for example, for very well rated rural hotels within 5 km of the beach: La Luce del Sinis, Agriturismo S'Incant'e Sinis.

If you are going to the beach by bus, choose accommodation in Oristano or Cabras.


There is a paid parking lot right next to the beach with a fee 7 eur for 6 hours and a bus stop for line 430 that takes you to Cabras and Oristano 4 times a day.

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