The town of Arbatax is the centre of the central-eastern coast of Sardinia and, together with Santa Maria Navarrese, 5 km away, forms a pair of important resorts and starting points for excursions around the island.

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Beaches and swimming

A beautiful beach stretches the entire length of the coastline between Arabtax and Santa Maria Navarrese, stretching for over 5km and lined with tall pine trees that provide natural shade. Despite the ideal swimming conditions, the beach remains semi-empty even in the summer season, probably due to the greater distance from the main tourist currents.

The beach has several names in different parts: Spiaggia di Pollu, Spiaggia del Lido delle Rosse, Spiaggia di Isula Manna or Riva di Ponente. Near the towns, you will find several refreshment stands, sunbed and umbrella hire and water sports facilities on the beach. Conversely, the further you go, the more nature and fewer people you'll find on the beach.

  • Fine white sand
  • Steeper water entry

Another long, sandy beach starts right in the centre of Arbatax and runs southwards, but it's not as popular, mainly because of the frequent algae and other debris.

Red Rocks

Rocce Rosse, the Red Rocks, is a popular attraction right in Arbatax. The photogenic rocky coastline, whose cliffs are colored in deep orange to red, surrounds the entire eastern tip of the city around the Parco Batteria. The most easily accessible spot for a beautiful photo is right by the Arbatax harbour.


As Arbatax is not one of the most famous destinations in Sardinia, accommodation prices are slightly lower. Even so, in high season you won't pay less than 75 eur per night for a guesthouse for 2, while classic hotels start at 100 eur and up.

Hotels and accommodation in Arbatax


Arbatax is a major port, so getting there by car is easy, as signs pointing to the town appear on virtually all the main roads around Sardinia.

The town can also be reached by bus. There is also a train, but only the summer tourist train Trenino Verde runs regularly.

By bus from Arbatax you must first get to the nearby larger town of Tortoli, served by lines 303, 305 and 9130.

From Tortoli you can already reach the other main destinations in Sardinia: Cagliari (bus 103), Santa Maria Navarrese (bus 301, 303), Nuoro (bus 303), Orosei (bus

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